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Bajaj Chetak\


Bajaj has unveiled its latest scooter for the future. It has revived the name 'Chetak'. For those who don't know what chetak was, it was a scooter that every middle-class father owned. It was light on pocket easy to ride and do all the basic needs. Bajaj thought of reincarnating the name 'Chetak', and I believe it is a perfect move. Let's talk about what Bajaj Chetak has to offer us and what all has changed in this new-gen scooter. But first, a reminder that this is just a product unveil not the launch. Bajaj just gave us a hint.
This scooter will launch under Urbanite sub-brand.

   Power plant 

Starting from where it differs from its original Chetak is the way wheels are powered. Initially, Chetak was powered by 2-stroke 150 cc engine, but now Bajaj Chetak is all-electric. A 4kw motor is now powering it. This electric motor is mated to an automatic transmission. Bajaj says that this will give a smooth ride. 


Bajaj Chetak
Chetak front
I terms of design, Bajaj Chetak is not like any other electric scooter in the market. It looks like a full-size scooter. This scooter is new but features some old characteristics. It is like the Chetak has hit its puberty and is adapting the change to look cool yet being itself. It gets a full metal body. It receives a similar-looking front mask, but the round headlamp is now little modern with some elliptical shape surrounded by a DRL. On the front panel, there is a breather sort of design which was there in an old scooter to place the horn. It looks quite modern. The front mudguard also seems inspired by the older version with little cuts and creases. On the side, it continues to be a Chetak. It has the same, redesigned oval side panels, but now the panels are not removable like the latter. On the rear too, the design looks quite familiar.
Not to forget that this gets a single-sided suspension for both rear and front which reminds of old Chetak. The scooter looks quite upmarket and premium.


Bajaj Chetak
Instrument console
As this will launch in 2020, it needs to be feature-loaded. Bajaj has tried to give every essential feature in this scooter. It gets both DC fast charging as well as AC charging. In the first time in history, Chetak will get an underbelly seat storage. This storage area is enough to keep one full-size helmet. To access the charging port too, we have to open the seat. Every light in this scooter is a LED unit. It gets a front disc and rear drum with CBS for better braking. The instrument panel is LCD with lots of information like speed battery level clock and many more. We can even connect through Chetak mobile, which will launch soon. This scooter also supports eSIM. The instrument cluster is round-shaped but looks quite modern. The switch gears are not physical buttons but touch-responsive buttons which are first time seen. The seat opens through the buttons on the handlebar. It also has keyless go feature. Like old Chetak, it has a glove box near the knees which is lockable. Nice touch, na?

   Availability & Pricing 

Bajaj auto says that this will be available first in Pune and Delhi may be in Jan '20. Then later on for other cities as the infrastructure is not developed. The scooter can be brought from regular Bajaj showrooms which will save their time for setting new dealerships. 
For the pricing, the MD said that it would not be priced aggressively. And we are expecting the price of around Rs.1 Lakhs.

Tell us in the comment section how you liked this scooter. Is it a 'yay or nay'? 
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