Volvo S60|| Polester Review ||

2019 VOLVO S60

Here is the all-new Volvo S60 polester which have lots of features that made this car truly unique than other cars. In this review, we'll talk about some of its interesting things. So without wasting your time let get started.


The new Volvo S60 as set a level some point at that its by size and its weight which is lighter than other car.
And if you are driving this car I'm pretty sure you feel this car is very controllable in every condition whether it's about corners or its stability.
To perform at the best level, it has some aerodynamic components like the rear, front spoiler, and side skirt.
But this car has a front-wheel-drive which makes this car lag behind than other cars which have rear wheel-drive.
Overall this car is made for comfort, and at a hearing level no engine noise is there.


In Volvo S60 polester, there are  20-inch wheels. And for performance mixture of petrol and petrol-electric versions engine using 2.0 lite four-cylinder engine for most of the power. To control that power shift paddles is their with Geartronic 8-speed automatic transmission that can shuffle into manual and automatic. A T6 version with all-wheel drive and 306 bhp and on T8 hybrids with 400 bhp(motor and engine perform to best level).And to pass exhaust properly, it has a stainless steel exhaust system.

This car comes in optional polester engineering form, which includes brembo brakes and ohlins dampers at adjusting up to 22 levels. And this time 80% springs are stiffer
Talking its weight of hybrid is more around 2 ton which is i think very much than petrol T6 model.On the other hand T8 pretty neat and clean hustle car when at full of charge
while T6 is quick at their only engine performance without even need of a electric motor.

And if your a lover of fuel economy the T8 can drive up to 20 miles with free emission driving while if you use both petrol and electric power, and then fuel economy is boosted up to 50%.


 The Volvo S60 has natural as interior and exterior with all control features. The main things that necessary to be told like apple car play, android auto, Spotify, Yelp, and other options that include Bowers & Wilkins sound system also. The Front touchscreen 9.0 inch, which looks nice with some complicated features in built-in. So you have information to control the touchscreen before operate; otherwise, you get confused. while climate control you can be adjusted by your screen easily,
talking about its comfort which I tell already that is very much comfortable
And it also has carbon fiber decor inlays, and for max grip on steering wheel covering of
nubuckclad type leather is there. Its boot space has 442 lit.

Polester price range starts from 52.5 lakh to 56.02 lakh 

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